Beard Comb – Bye-Bye Crazy Hair

A morning look in the mirror for men who have a beard is often accompanied by mixed emotions – from seeing a “notorious hipster” to “hello, crazy lighthouse keeper”. Hollywood films present us special agents with manicured beards that look perfect even in the morning, while our reality is quite different. My morning beard style looks crazy and always needs special procedures. I know for exact that beard care is a serious enough process that can be facilitated by specialized products such as beard balms and oils, and a set of beard combs.

Do You Need A Beard Straightening Comb?

The only possible answer is YES! You need it for many reasons:

  1. The right choice of a beard straightening comb affects not only its external grooming but also has an influence on the growth and density of the hair. 
  2. You need to comb your beard at least twice a day for several minutes. This stimulates blood circulation, and your beard will better grow in the right direction. 
  3. Beard straightening comb is the simplest tool to fix a beard using special styling products.

3 Main Types Of Beard Shaper Comb

As a bearded person, I can say that for the daily combing of the beard, you should buy a special comb. It will carefully untangle the hairs, and take care of maintaining the beard structure. The main types of combs are the following:

  • Metal combs. They are durable, rarely bend or break. They are suitable for a long and thick beard. It is believed that metal aggressively affects hair, making it brittle and electrified. 

My own experience proved to me that you could use a branded metal shaper comb to prevent this from happening with your beard. These combs are made specifically for tough and naughty hair, and you can be calm for your beard.

  • Wooden combs. They are made from natural wood: oak, ash or cherry. Such combs will be gentler for your hair but less durable. Again, it is better to take branded wooden combs. They will serve longer and will contribute to hair growth.
  • Plastic combs. I don’t recommend buying them for your constant use. They break quickly, as well as their cheap analogs are not made good enough. In many cases, the beard becomes untidy and naughty after the use of such ridges.

How To Use Beard Oil And Comb

Beard oil is better to use with a special wooden comb. You need to remember that all special care products should be applied only to clean hair and skin. Ideal when you steam them, that is, after a shower. It is the best way to the oil to better penetrate the follicles. Otherwise, they will have an untidy look, smell and tactile sensations, as well as clogged pores. Be sure to wait until the beard is completely dry and then begin the process of beard care.

Advantages Of Wooden Beard Straightener Comb

Models of beard combs made from natural wood are best suited to the owners of long and thick beards. They not only comb well, but also eliminate the problem of excessive secretion of sebum, fight dandruff, give silkiness to the hairs, as well as make the beard healthier. Their main task is to lay all naughty hairs and fix them until a bearded man would be able to have the next meeting with the mirror. Thus, when choosing a suitable comb, you need to take into account the type, length, density of the beard, and your individual preferences. A compact model is perfect for carrying in your pocket. For home experiments, it is advisable to purchase a whole set of combs of various types. The main requirements for such tools are strength, durability, ease of use, and antistatic qualities.